Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Explorer - A Class for Adventurers of the Lost World

Things continue to be developed for the upcoming Adventurers of the Lost World setting for DCC RPG. I am almost done with the Our World classes (just need to finish the Gadgeteer and the Mentalist) and soon will start to work on the Lost World "Race as Class" classes. Today I am bringing the Explorer class, a character specialized in survival and exploration of the wild areas of the Lost World.

As usual, this is not the final version of the text and changes can happen based on the feedback and playtest.


You may not have been born in the wild places of earth, but you made them your home. You know what paths to follow. You know what natives and beasts live in the wilderness. Shelter, food and water are just a few steps away when you are around. Your knowledge on the ways of the wild is a valuable resource for any group of adventurers traveling around the world, including expeditions to the Lost World, since much of it is untamed and savage.

Thursday, July 14, 2016

Road Crew Game #6 - The Captain's Table - Metamorphosis Alpha 1st Edition

This last Saturday I went to another public gaming event in a local public library here in Rio de Janeiro. This time I took Metamorphosis Alpha first edition for a spin and presented it to local players who, mostly, had never heard of it (we never had it released in Brazil, so that's expected).

I began by presenting the game and it's historical roots, as the first science fiction RPG and the first RPG to refer itself as one. I told how James Ward suggested Gary the creation of a Sci-Fi version of D&D and how Gygax said to him: "why don't you give it a try?". Even though one of the great things about the gameplay is not knowing the players are in a spaceship, I explained them the premise of the setting, and they thought it to be pretty interesting, specially when I talked about the adventure, The Captain's Table and the belief system it implies. The original crew, the Captain, the Engineer, the Geneticist and all others are now the Gods of the their people.

When we started the game, I had 3 players, so I asked them to pick up two characters each, one mutant and one human. Along the game, two more players joined in, so I ended up with a party of 10 characters (so I had plenty of targets to kill along the way). Some of the players were more familiar with modern games and find it strange to play with more than one character at the same time, so I explained them it allows for group splits, more freedom, and the chance to continue playing even if one of their character dies. Since this game was particular deadly, this would be very useful, I assured them.

Friday, July 8, 2016

Specialist - A Class for Adventurers of the Lost World

Things are moving along behind the curtains, but as GENCON approaches, my writings are getting spared between planning and preparations for the 5 games I am running and the listing of all the magnificent stuff I want to buy there!

Today I present another class variation: the specialist. This class is a variation of the Thief class, adapted to the fictional 1930s world of Adventurers of the Lost World with it's own tweaks and perks. It's a class used to represent assassins, spies and international thieves as in classic pulp stories.