Friday, September 30, 2016

Occultist - A Class for Adventurers of the Lost World

Sorcery is a definetly a important part of the DCC RPG and it should be present in the Adventurers of the Lost World setting. The atlanteans are masters of sorcery. They are alien beings without the mortal soul and mortal limitations that us humans have. Thus, sorcery was not meant for the mortal mind and body. DCC RPG already makes the use of magic a dangerous bargain, but I wanted to emphasize this hard bargain with a class that makes it clear that theses are forces no one in their right mind should be meddling with. So it's born the Occultist.


You discovered that the reality that surrounds us is not really what it seems. The rigid laws of physics are not that rigid. They are malleable, like clay. Seeking occult knowledge, ancient tomes, forgotten entities with forbidden secrets, occultists are capable of transforming the universe around them using ancient formulas and sinister sorcery. The Lost World, to them, is a treasure trove of knowledge and power, ripe for the taking.

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

What has changed since the last time we were here? d30 Table!

I have a bunch of tables and generators, but it's all in Portuguese on my Brazilian blog Pontos de Experiência. I am mainly working on my Adventurers of the Lost World setting book, but I will eventually translate some of my stuff in English to post here, which is exactly what this post is about today.

When running my games I always want to give the feeling of a world in constant motion and change. The characters can start in a settlement, go on an adventure and when they come back, something must have happened. The world continues without them, and they have to notice it somehow. This will give them the impression that the campaign world is real, even when they are not around!

To aid me in this task, I came up with this simple d30 table. It gives you a general idea you can interpret and create more elaborate events in pretty much any kind of settlement. So, whenever you feel like enough time has passed and some sort of change should happen to a place in your campaign world, roll on the table below and adjust the result to the settlement in question!

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Gadgeteer - A Class for Adventurers of the Lost World

We're back with another draft for the special character classes that will be published in the Adventurers of the Lost World book for DCC RPG, a 1930s fantasy pulp version of our world with dinosaurs, atlanteans, nazis, aliens and much more! In this setting, science and magic gets intermingled, specially because of the lost atlantean technology and a scientist with the guts to try the most outrageos theories can develop gadgets capable of the most incredible effects. This Gadgeteer class below represent this kind of individuals.


You see the rules that govern our world not as limitations and boundaries, but as tools to achieve great feats. Science has gone a long way since the beginning of civilization, but you believe it still has a long way to go. And you intend to get it there. With the courage to challenge common belief, your inventions are capable of amazing effects that seem magical to the common people but it's nothing more than very advanced technology being tested. Science is your greatest power.

Monday, September 5, 2016

Atlantean - A Class for Adventurers of the Lost World

There are still other classes from Our World that I need to present to you guys here, but since I am working on the classes from the Lost World, I thought about showing how is it going with them. One of the classes is going to be the Atlantean, obviously. These characters will be the last remaining atlanteans in the Lost World. Heirs to a crumbling empire of lost secrets and forgotten ruins. Essentially, they are very similar to the elves of the DCC RPG core rulebook, but have some small changes and a completely different story to fit the Lost World setting.


Your race dominated the world for thousand of years, wielding powerful sorcery and advanced technology still to be achieved by the human race. But that time is far gone. Now, you are one of the few surviving atlanteans, fighting to preserve the few scattered remains of your once mighty empire. You seek the lost knowledge of your race through the ruins that dot the Lost World, dreaming of, one day, restore your lineage to greatness.

Atlanteans are a ancient race of sorcerous beings. Sorcery comes naturally to them, and their ancient religions ensure the assistance of supernatural and alien entities that teach them forgotten secrets. The life in the Lost World is not an easy one now, and they all had to learn to defend themselves from all the creatures that were their subjects in the past. Atlanteans are character class with magical capabilities more reliable (but less extensive and powerful) than the occultists and some martial training, making them very useful to any group in the Lost World.