Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Road Crew Games at Gen Con 2016 - Part I

It's time for more Road Crew games reports! This time it will be a compilation of 5 Road Crew games reports that happened at Gen Con through August 4th to August 7th! It has been a couple of weeks and I was kinda of sleep deprived during the whole time, so some details might be a little fuzy. But bear with me because we had some pretty awesome time!

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Mystic - A Class for Adventurers of the Lost World

Now that GenCon is over us (and I have lots of stuff to tell about this great gathering of gamers), I can continue posting some of the stuff I've already written for my Adventurers of the Lost World setting / toolbox for DCC RPG. This week I bring you the draft of the Mystic class, a kind of character similar to the traditional Monk of our beloved fantasy roleplaying game. These are individuals that seek balance between body, mind and soul through exercise, meditation and learning.


You've hones your body and your mind as a single, unified entity. Your thoughts empower your fists. In far away monasteries you trained for years to achieve a state of equilibrium most mortal men don't even dream about. But that is not enough. Not for you. You seek the perfect balance between mind, body and soul, and the only way this can be found is in the Lost World.

Mystics are mysterious warriors who have developed their bodies and minds to a point where they are almost at perfect equilibrium. This gives them special powers that makes them go beyond the normal limits of mortal men. Although most of them seek inner peace and the equilibrium of body, mind and soul, their training makes them extraordinary warriors, with their fists as deadly as any weapon. Any group can benefit from having a mystic among them, since they make great defenders and have a special sense connecting them to the mystical powers of the Lost World.