Wednesday, April 27, 2016

The Coming of the Zero Level Blog... And How Can you Learn Magic Missiles!

KNOW, oh dice tossers, that between the years when the little brown books and the gleaming weird dice appeared, and the years of the rise of the "story first" gamers, there was an Age undreamed of.... An age of Dungeon Crawl Classics RPG and other OSR games!

And this is a blog to talk about this great age, and these great games! Specially the Dungeon Crawl Classics RPG (DCC RPG) and it's related systems (MCC and whatever more it's going to be released). DCC RPG has made me rediscover fantasy gaming and its literature roots, making me feel like I am playing RPGs for the first time all over again. Everything is new, fresh and surprising again. And not only that, it provides us the tools, resources and techniques to keep it that way for a long time!

My name is Diogo Nogueira and I have been keeping a RPG blog in Portuguese for a few years, but the passion I have for the OSR movement, the DCC RPG, and the great community it's surrounded led me to start this small blog too. The plan is to post some resources, adventures, rules, and other stuff I create for my games and for the fun of it. I am considering the possibility of publish some of it in PDF and in print format too, but we will see about that (since there is no PoD sites in Brazil for me to check how it is and so). Oh, and I will probably have some friends helping me with these plans too (I am looking at you Rafael Balbi).

To star things off, I will link some of the stuff I already made for DCC RPG and you can download or read right now!

The Barbarian as a character class – inspired by appendix N literature, a character class I could see Conan as.

The Adventuring Companion – a alternate rule for sword & sorcery themed games to represent a special companionship between two characters (inspired by the relationship of Fafhrd and the Grey Mouser).

There is also my Fantastic Post-Apolcalyptic Adventure Idea Generator that got published in the fantastic Crawling Under a Broken Moon zine #13! It's a great resource to generate a bunch of ideas to work with for your crazy games and possible your future Mutant Crawl Classics RPG campaign. Do not forget to check the other Crawling Under a Broken Moon issues, they are all full of great stuff for a fantasy post-apocalyptic campaign!

And, to finish with style, I made this small table to determine where can a wizard or elf find the Magic Missile spell. The DCC RPG book encourages the judge to turn the search for new spells and powers into adventures, so here are some ideas of how to get that spell. I plan on doing something similar for other spells as well.

How can I learn Magic Missile?
How can I learn the spell?
Defeating the blind sorcerer in his secluded tower in the Desert of Utter Darkness, where no light shines.
Reading the secret message written in the Unerring Arrow constellation viewed through the lenses of astral visage.
From the scriptures written in the wall of stars, inside the forbidden sky tower, buried in a crater, north of the ice walls.
Deciphering the function of the ancient artefact called the Impregnable Star Orb, kept locked in the vaults of the Order of the Ancient Oracles.
Journeying to the Island of Fallen Stars and seeking the Thousand Eyed demon who collects the artefacts that fall from the sky. You will have to answer his 3 riddles.
Escaping the arrow fired at you by The Infallible Archer.
Harnessing the energy from the crystals used by the protoplasmic phaser rifle, lost in the underground ruins of the cosmic palace.
Implanting the Obsidian Eye of Ogh'Oid in place of its own right eye.