Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Our World Addendun - Other "Isms" for Adventurers of the Lost World

While posting about Adventurers of the Lost World over the DCC RPG Google + community, +Anne Hunter (whose profile I cannot find now), suggested the creation or mention of other philosophies inspired by the weird and unknown aspects of the fictional 1930s world of the setting in contrast to capitalism, socialis, comunism and fascism. The result is the little piece of text I present below. More about this will appear under the resources chapter (probably in the Lost World Alphabet part).

Sidebar: Other "Isms"

In the fictional setting of Adventurers of the Lost World, where magic is real, people can control others with the power of their mind and science can do wondrous things, other philosophies and ideas will eventually emerge, even with these amazing accomplishments being unknown by most of the population.

Some organizations like cults, secret societies and even governments can be supporters of "Isms" that are not the conventional capitalism, socialism, communism or even fascism. Some might believe that the only possible way to a better humanity would be the development of mental powers in all the population to transcend the mortal bodies they are stuck with. They call that Mentalism. Futurism can be more than an art movement in your 1930s world, and a organization may be harnessing all it's resources to build a time machine and guide the world to a future they are certain will be better.

The judge can be as creative as he wants with the creation of other "Isms". He has only to look into the differences of this fictional world from our own and extrapolate from that. Occultists could form a party to propose the use of magic in the aiding of the world (or maybe it's dominance). Robots could have been created by gadgeteers and acquired artificial intelligence, wanting to dominate all human race. Edenism could be a philosophy that propagates the belief that Eden, the biblical paradise, is hidden in the Lost World and the salvation for the human race rest in finding it.