Monday, May 16, 2016

Classes for Adventurers of the Lost World - 1930s Fantasy Pulp Game of DCC

The Lost Wold (1925)
Last post I talked about creating an adaptation of a 1930s fantasy pulp setting for the Dungeon Crawl Classics RPG and some ideas I had for that, including adapting the core classics presented in the DCC RPG rulebook to this scenario and creating some other type of characters. I don't think they would need too much change (well, except of the cleric class, which wouldn't be present and would be substituted by the Mentalist and the Gadgeteer classes, but those would be treated in their own full blown description), but some adjustments would certainly be welcome, as well as some cosmetic change to the demihuman classes.

Inspired by the amazing stories of such authors as Edgar Rice Burroughs, Lin Carter, de Camp, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and many others, I came up with a list of character archetypes that would work as character classes. Seven of them would be for human characters and 5 more for non human characters.

Soldier (based on the Warrior class): Characters with a militaristic background and training. Able to effectively use armaments, artillery and military vehicles, these characters are know for their strength, endurance and their tendency to act first and think later.

Specialist (based on the Thief class): Characters specialized in covert missions and activities, capable of sneaking in and out of places without being noticed, among many other abilities. Known as spies, assassins, secret agents and many other dishonorable titles, these characters live on their wits, luck and amazing skills rather on brute force and explosives.

Explorers (based slightly on the Thief class): These individuals know how to survive in the hostile environment of the Lost World and how to deal with the beast that inhabit it. Finding shelter, following tracks, forage food and water and many other skills make these character an invaluable addition to any expedition.

Mystic: Coming from far of places on earth, these individuals combine physical training with mental discipline to hone their bodies and minds. Often called monks, mystics, disciples and other names, they search the world for forgotten truths and ancient places charged with mystical energies. With a clarity of mind and a strong fist, they battle their enemies and search for inner peace.

Occultist (based on the Wizard class): Students of the lost and forgotten art of sorcery thought to be know by the legendary Atlanteans, these individuals deal with knowledge and powers way beyond the scope of mortals. Wielding energies capable of tearing up reality characters from this class can be very powerful, but this same power is very hard to master, and could corrupt their own souls.

Mentalist (based slightly on the Cleric and Wizard classes): With a stronger grip on the true power of the human mind, these characters are capable of amazing feats with mere thought. Telepaths, Psionics and may other titles refer to these incredible individuals that can use their minds to accomplish supernatural deeds in order to seek their goals.

Gadgeteer: The power of science (and super-science) is becoming clearer each day and these character seek to explore the limits of this field, specially in the Lost World, where the laws of reality seem a little loser. With their incredible inventions, these individuals can recreate effects that seem almost magical, accomplish what others would say to be impossible.

Atlanteans (based on the Elf class): These forgotten and almost extinct race of humanoids were once the rulers of the Lost World. Now, the ruins of their civilization are spread in the landscape, with their advanced technology and ancient secrets buried beneath the ground. With allegiances to supernatural entities that last until this very day, they control powers beyond the comprehension of many mortals.

Haki (based on the Halfling class): These race of simian humanoids are roughly the size of human children hut have and advanced intellect similar to humans. Their culture is still primitive, but the few contacts they made with humans have been peaceful. They seem to be capable of very quick learning, with individuals learning to speak human tongues and using human objects in a few weeks.

Molemen (based on the Dwarf class): This race of humanoid rodents have an advanced civilization on the underworld of the Lost World and seek riches and treasures to their clans and communities. They are very militaristic and have a strong familiarity with underground environments.

Saurans: A race of primitive and warlike reptilian humanoids that organize themselves in tribes according to the colors and patterns of their scales. The tribes encountered by the first explorers of the Lost World were very hostile but a recently discovered one saved the lives of stranded adventurers in an island near an active volcano.

Dwarves: A strange race of humanoid made of living minerals, believed to be created by the Atlanteans on the pinnacle of their empire. Their density, endurance and strength varies with their age and with the minerals they feed on, making the young ones very fragile, but the most ancient of them almost indestructible.

In the GENCON adventure "The Lost Idol of the Cyclopean Ape" I will probably use just the human classes, since this adventure would be one of the first expeditions to the Lost World. The non human classes are probably more appropriate for a campaign set there, when human and non human characters would have interacted for a longer time.