Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Our World on the Adventurers of the Lost World - Part II (And News)

This is the second part post about the 1930s fantasy pulp version of our world in the upcoming Adventurers of the Lost World setting. You can read the fist part here.

The Unknown  

Although the 1930s of Adventurers of the Lost World is very similar to our own, this is a fantasy pulp adventure setting and this means things are not what the seems on the surface. So far as the majority of the world population know, the world is just as we remember from our history books. The laws of physics work the same way as always, there is no such things as monsters and all those legends about fantastic people and places are all, well, legends. But the truth is that reality can be much stranger than fiction.

Super Science  

In Adventurers of the Lost World some scientists are capable of accomplishing great deeds beyond what's normally possible in our reality. Things like ray guns, teleport machines, hypnotizing googles and all sorts of gadgets that can reproduce effects that most would call magical are a reality in this world, even though most of the people wouldn't believe they exist. The possibility of discovering and reverse engineering ancient and advanced Atlantean technological artifacts are a great motivation for exploring the Lost World. It's possible that this chase even starts a war.


In ancient times when the civilization of Atlantis ruled the earth, sorcerers controlled arcane energies harnessed from powerful and alien entities. Now occultists are rediscovering this secret art in dusty tomes and ancient markings on the walls of old ruins. However, sorcery is a dangerous practice, it can give a lot of power the ones wielding it but it also charges a step prince in return. A sorcerer can be a powerful adversary or ally, but he is always fearful for his soul.

The Powers of the Mind 

It's well known by everyone that although men is the most advanced race on earth, he has not yet released the full potential of its mind. Well, that's what most of the people in the 1930s believe but that's not entirely true. Some gifted individuals have learned to tap their full potential and are capable of amazing deeds with just the strength of their thought. Telepathy, clairvoyance, mind control and a lot of other impressive powers are real in Adventurers of the Lost World. However, even though the mind of these individuals have evolved into this advanced stage their bodies are not always prepared to the amount of stress the use of these powers put it through. The indiscriminating use of these feats of the mind can cause serious damage and other irreversible effects to the mentalists.

Secret Societies  

In the world of Adventurers of the Lost World where ancient powers are being rediscovered, lost technology is being reverse engineered and where extraordinary individuals can control the mind of others with a mere thought, secret societies and organizations are bound to exist and conspire against one another. Some of those societies seek to discover lost knowledge and share it with the rest of the world, other seek to acquire wealth and treasures for themselves. On the other hand, there are those who want to discover lost secrets and use it to their advantage. There are rumors of secret societies looking for long lost artifacts that would allow them to take over the world. Seeing the marvels hidden in the Lost World, they might accomplish their goals if no one tries to stop them.

Sidebar: Our World Fidelity  

Adventurers of the Lost World is first and foremost and fantasy game. It's set in an fictional 1930s world. As such, many things could be different in this world in comparison to our own. Countries could have different presidents, fictional countries could exist, some events could happen before they had or never happened at all. This is also a 1930s with super science, sorcery and mental powers, so things could be pretty different if that is what the judge wants. Just male sure to warn the players about the possible changes.

And the News...

I have come to a agreement with a great friend in order to publish Adventurers of the Lost World and possibly other stuff for DCC RPG. You all probably know and love the stuff he produces for this amazing game! I am partnering with +Reid San Filippo from Shield of Faith Studio, the guy responsible for the incredible Crawling Under a Broken Moon zine (to which I had contributed art and a articles). I believe this can be a great partnership! He is already helping me publish an adventure I had written for a few months that I hope I can publish soon!