Monday, May 23, 2016

What is Adventurers of the Lost World?

A land forgotten by time, not present in any map you ever saw, where prehistorical creatures roam primeval jungles while ancient ruins hide the lost technological marvels of bygone civilizations. A land with riches beyond our imaginations, with secrets our mortal minds is incapable of fully comprehending and with dangers we will learn to fear. This is the Lost World. 

What is Adventurers of the Lost World? 

Adventurers of the Lost World is a sourcebook for Dungeon Crawl Classics Roleplaying Game set in a fantastic 1930s version of our world. Superficially, the world seem just like ours in the 1930s, but sorcery is real (although very rare, dangerous and thought to be superstition by most people), some people do have psionic abilities, science can do wondrous, almost magical, things and there is a land beyond the reach of almost everyone where dinosaurs roam, ancient civilizations still live, and strange creatures battle for survival. It's inspired by the pulp adventure stories of such authors as Edgar Rice Burroughs, Lin Carter, de L. Sprague Camp, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and many others. 
This book contains setting information for the judge to create his own Lost World setting, be it a new continent, a forgotten island, the hollow interior of our world or even another planet! Also, there are rules for new character classes, rules for psionic powers, inventions, new monsters and a several resources for players and judges to help them adventure in this Lost World

What is Fantasy Pulp Adventure? 

Pulp stories were a series of fast-paced and exciting, normally short stories published in cheap magazines from the first half of the 20th century. Theses stories were usually focused on heroes coming from all walks of life, facing unscrupulous villains, often involving threats to innocent people and wildly inventive plans to destroy or dominate the world. They were not afraid to mix genres (actually there wasn't that much distinction between the genres back then), and stories would have science fiction, horror, mystery, adventure, occult, fantasy and many other elements. 
We will be following the same path with Adventurers of the Lost World. Here you will find brave soldiers from the 1930s allied with crazy scientists with inventions that challenge our conceptions of reality. Their enemies can be sinister sorcerers and warlocks from secret cabals in the service of the Nazi Germany, or crazy sorcery-kings from long lost civilizations. All this while having to flee from cannibals, carnivorous dinosaurs and giant apes!

What is Dungeon Crawl Classics Roleplaying Game? 

Dungeon Crawl Classics Roleplaying Game (DCC RPG) is a tabletop RPG written by Joseph Goodman and published by Goodman Games in 2012. This is a game that is part of the OSR (Old School Renaissance), which means it is inspired by the first versions of the world's most famous fantasy RPG, but it goes even further. It is mainly inspired by the literature that inspired the first fantasy RPG, the famous Appendix N set forth by Gary Gygax. With innovative mechanics, classic elements e creative writing, the DCC RPG manages to be vary familiar and a completely new and refreshed view on fantasy gaming. If you haven't tried it out yet, I strongly recommend it. Visit Goodman Games website to learn more about it and to buy a copy (you will need it to play Adventurers of the Lost World anyway). 

What will you find in this book? 

Adventurers of the Lost world is divided into chapters to help judges and players easily find what they need to play. 

Chapter 1: Introduction is the one you just read and it explains what this book is all about. 
Chapter 2: The Two Worlds gives basic information about our world in the fantasy 1930s version of this game and about the Lost World. 
Chapter 3: Adventurers brings new occupations, rules and classes for the brave adventurers that will explore the Lost World. 
Chapter 4: Equipment describes new weapons, armors, gear and vehicles  commonly found in the world. 
Chapter 5: Rules of the Lost World brings... well... new rules to make your game fell more like the stories of brave Adventurers of the Lost World. 
Chapter 6: Judge's Resources presents various resources and generators to facilitate and enhance the game for the judge. 
Chapter 7: Allies, Enemies and Monsters show how to create stats for NPCs as well as presets a series of stat blocks for them, creatures and monsters native to the Lost World. 
Chapter 8: Stranded in the Lost World is a zero level adventure funnel ready to start off your Adventurers of the Lost World campaign. 
Appendix: Inspiration list the sources of inspiration used to create this setting as well as places to mine for campaign and adventure ideas.

This is the actual text I am writing for the sourcebook. Since I have little time to do everything I'd like to (with normal job, wife and little kid), I am going to use the writing for the book to feed the blog and show you guys the progress I am making and stuff. I hope you enjoy it as much as I am.